About Us

Global Vision, National Concentration

When you select a Global Immigration Network member, you are placing your trust in an internationally respected immigration practitioner. Our members are highly sought after in the migration profession and have been selected based on the strictest levels of ethics, expertise and proficiency in achieving the best outcomes for your brief.

Global Immigration Network members are responsible for managing cases relative to their geographic area of operation - underscoring the old adage "Thinking Global, Acting Local", to offer full service, end-to-end employment and business related immigration consulting services. 
Each case is managed from a personalized perspective; we adapt to its unique and specific objectives; concentrating on both the personal and corporate  features whilst ensuring essential immigration legislation and visa criteria are satisfied.

We’re At Hand For You - Wherever You May Be

Immigration challenges are ours to solve. Global Immigration Network members thrive on delivering a committed and supportive service, focused on your business drivers through engaging consultations with you.

Our network is proving to be the choice for private and public entities - large and small who value our practical solutions and  flexibility to adapt our methodology to align with your individual business requirements. As accredited members of the network we:

  • offer a complete and customized immigration solution to businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • are trusted by our Value and Supply Chains to deliver services to their clients
  • are efficient and consistent in all we undertake on your behalf
  • foster a culture of teamwork built on mutual respect for each other
  • engage our core values of Integrity, Trust and Quality to support each unique case

Compliance, Ethics, Principles

Global Immigration Network assures our commitment to providing clients with principled decision making, compliant and ethical immigration advisory. As your immigration consultants we will convey to you the frequently changing global legislative amendments that may affect your business or personal situation as the situation unfolds. Our members have stringent quality assurance standards in place governing customer relations, leadership and management, decision making, continual improvement, and privacy and data security. These practices are embodied in our members’ individual company policies and procedures and formal accreditation.

Global Immigration Network members hold all relevant legal qualifications, and registration or licensing to practice in their respective countries. Our members are bound by professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics and undertake routine professional development to ensure compliance, up-to-date legal knowledge and best practice.


GLOBAL IMMIGRATION NETWORK GPO Box 1697 Melbourne, VIC 3001 Australia P 61-3-9670-7555 F 61-3-9670-7799 E admin@imminetwork.com