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20 Sep

A few months ago we released an article outlining the immigration policies of both the democratic and republican nominations. Since then candidates have dropped out of the race leaving us now with just two candidates for president of the United States of America. The two remaining candidates; Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, could not be further opposed to one another when it comes to the future of immigration. So now that the air is cleared and there are only two candidates remaining we can highlight the immigration policies for each party.

Last time we covered the election it was still very much in the preliminary stages. As such our coverage of where Hilary Clinton stood on the topic of immigration was limited due to her focusing on other issues such as welfare and internal employment. Now, however, after being nominated as the democratic nominee Hilary has a clear and comprehensive stance on America’s immigration ‘issues’. Clinton’s main platform focuses not on the removal of illegal immigrants but in building a pathway to citizenship for those that have lived within the states for a period of time undocumented. Part of the issue here is not just providing avenues for the estimated 9 million illegal immigrants to gain citizenship but educating the masses as to the processes involved. Clinton plans to tackle this issue by an increased outreach program to ensure that for all those that are eligible can obtain their citizenship. Hilary wants to take this concept of helping illegal immigrants a step further. If Hilary Clinton is elected president then there will be a distinct push in funding towards integrating immigrants through the support of reducing language, education and economic barriers. Hillary Clinton has further supported this by releasing mission statements and policy goals on her website, claiming that within the first 100 days of her administration there will be a comprehensive immigration reform that will include the pathway to full and equal citizenship. Added to this Hillary is seeking to fix the visa family back log that has put strain on the US visa department. Included in her immigration policies there is definitive stance the humane treatment an implementation of immigration laws. This will focus on properly detaining and deporting those that pose a violent threat to the USA as well as ensuring that refugees seeking asylum will be provided with a fair chance to enter the country. With Hilary Clinton taking a stance by openly challenging her running opponent Donald Trump is a complete turnaround in comparison to 3 months ago where her stances on immigration policies and law were yet to be properly publicised.

As Election Day draws closer (one more day by our count) there has been one final push by the Republican Party led by Donald Trump to further impart and advertise their immigration policies. For those still unaware, presidential candidate Donald Trump is supporting tighter control on immigration policies, one of the biggest changes that America will face in the wake of the election of this candidate is the impenetrable physical wall on the southern border between the U.S.A and Mexico. This wall will be built in order to decrease the amount of illegal immigrant’s crossing over the border but, in order to make the expenditure feasible it will be paid for by the Mexican government. Donald Trump is also seeking to revoke the United States catch and release policy; this will mean that an illegal immigrant detailed by their immigration department will be deported. This notion coupled with Donald Trump’s staunch position on immigration (particularly around the formation of a physical wall bordering Mexico) will radically decrease the amount of illegal immigrants trying to enter the U.S and those that are already living there illegally. Additionally, there will be a complete implementation of biometrics in all air, land and sea ports across the nation. This increase in bio-metric security will make it increasingly difficult to enter the country illegally and in some cases legitimately. Additionally, one of Mr. Trump’s increasingly popular policies revolves around the redistribution of skilled workers around America. This will seek to not only allow for American citizens to have first preference when it comes to employees looking for skilled workers but also keep America’s immigration levels in line with what is considered ‘historically normal’.

Currently the polls are in favour of Hillary Clinton however; with this rollercoaster of an election there is still room to assume that this race is still closely contested. With the fateful election only a day away their question remains; Will America vote for the acceptance of immigrants and asylum seekers or vote for tighter control on immigration policies and a concentrated effort to ensure that citizens of America have first preference for jobs and positions that require skilled works that would normally be offered to overseas candidates.


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