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11 Feb

Corporate immigration is a core part of businesses in the regions where expats make up a large part of the workforce. But, for companies to receive value from corporate immigration they need to implement a strategic approach. The following four steps are the base for delivering strategic value through immigration:


    • Develop a knowledge based process: Companies need to analyse what each departments’ employee needs are, and to do so, they need to know the type of information each department uses and align them company-wide. This will help companies in reporting and analysing data in the future.


    • Establish relevant metric reporting: companies generally have the overall goal to make a profit and the immigration department needs to show how they bring value to the company in terms that are relevant and aligned with the company as a whole. Company immigration choices can contribute to this through lower overheads, engagement programs for employees, or more efficient onboarding programs.


    • Development of metric data analysis: the data collected must be useful and relevant to create value to the company. Choose metrics that are understandable beyond the immigration department and that show practical benefits.


    • Demonstrate the ROI of this data to senior teams: one of the harder parts of immigration is demonstrating its’ value to senior management in a way that’s understandable. To do this, including the value immigration has to the company as a whole and how individual departments benefitted is easiest.


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