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20 Sep

Newly-elected French President Emmanuel Macron has fulfilled a campaign promise by announcing the launch of a new French Tech Visa route, effective immediately, to stimulate start-up and tech industry growth in France, as well as attract foreign talent and foreign investment.

In addition to the new visas, successful applicants will gain access to fast-track procedures reducing complex business regulations in the country, and receive residence permits for themselves and their spouses (if applicable), known as “Talent Passports.” Children will receive a travel document as well. This visa will have a validity of four years.


Qualifying criteria for the new tech visa routes:

Start-Up Founders

  • Start-up founder visa applicants are required to apply to a French partner incubator or accelerator, with aim to develop an innovative project. Certification must be gained from Dirrecte, which is a French organization with authority on local labour laws. Applicants must have financial resources totalling at least € 17,763.20, the equivalent of French minimum wage.


  • Presently, 70 select French tech companies are eligible to sponsor foreign tech employees, though this number is expected to increase. Applicants will need to possess a master’s degree or equivalent, a contract with a minimum duration of three months, and earn a gross annual salary of at least € 35,526.40, the equivalent of double the French minimum wage.


  • Investor applicants must either open a venture capital firm office in France, be recruited by a French venture capital firm, or be a successful entrepreneur or investor angel moving to France. A minimum investment of €300,000.00 in tangible or intangible assets is required, either personally or via an investing firm wherein the applicant holds at least a 30% share. A commitment must be made to create and protect jobs within four years of the investment.

Additional information on the French Tech Visa can be found here:



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