Under Law 25,871, the following are the three categories of entry:

Labor contract visa (article 23A)

It applies to foreigners who are regularly employed by a local company on a long term basis. A formal labor contract between the company in Argentina and the employee is required in order to obtain this type of visa. It is valid for one year and may be extended indefinitely. The assignee will be considered a local employee and therefore must apply for a CUIL number (social security/labor code).

Intra Company transfer visa (article 23E)

Intra company transfer visa applies to employees who are transferred from a home country company to the Argentine branch company on a long term basis. This type of residence is valid for one year and may be extended indefinitely. A labor contract is not required but assignees should be placed on the local payroll so that their visa can be extended.

Family reunification visa (article 23 INFINE)

This visa applies to foreigners who have a relative with a temporary visa in Argentina. It is valid for the same period as the relative’s temporary visa and may be extended indefi¬nitely. This applies to spouses and children under the age of 18. All family members need to apply for an individual CUIL number (social security / labor code)

MERCOSUR temporary residence (article 23 L)

MERCOSUR temporary residence applies to foreigners born in MERCOSUR and associated coun¬tries (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) who will work in Argentina for an extended period of time. This type of residence is valid for two years and may be extended according to the case and status of applicant. After a 2 year period Mercosur applicants can apply for a permanent residence instead of extending it.

Technical / Professional Visa (Decreto 1070/2010)

Technical / professional visa applies to assignees who will perform technical or professional activities for a short term. This type of visa can be obtained at the Argentine consulate in the country of residence of the assignee or at the Argentine immigration office after arrival in Argentina. Technical visa obtained at the Argentine consulate is granted for a 30-day period and multiple entries. It can be extended again twice and for a total stay of 90 days, at the discretion of the immigration office.

Technical visa obtained at the Argentine immigration office is granted for up to 90 days (same validity as a tourist visa) and cannot be extended. If assignee needs to remain in the country, he will have to leave the country and apply for a new visa upon reentry.

Business Visa (Decreto 1071/2010)

A business visa is issued to foreigners who are sponsored by a local commercial entity estab¬lished in Argentina. This type of visa can be obtained at the Argentine consulate in the country of residence, or at the Immigration Office in Argentina (if applicant is a national from a visa waiver country). This type of visa enables the holder to attend meetings but he cannot work during his stay. It is valid for 60 days and can be extended for additional 60 days once in Argentina.

Non-MERCOSUR nationals who live in Argentina for three years

Non-MERCOSUR nationals can request permanent residence instead of extending their temporary residence for the third time.

MERCOSUR nationals who live in Argentina for two years

MERCOSUR nationals may apply for a permanent visa after the expiration of the temporary visa.

Family reunification with Argentine relative

This applies to foreigners who have an Argentine relative (parent, child or spouse) in Argentina.

Family reunification with a relative with permanent residency

This applies to foreigners who have a relative (parent, child or spouse) who possesses permanent residency in Argentina

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  • Ongoing monitoring and status up-date reports
  • Delivery of timely visa decision notifications and compliance alerts
  • Advice and assistance in related immigration matters such as expiration dates and application for extensions.
Argentine Business and Employment Visa Overview

Argentina offers a range of temporary and permanent skilled visas for the purpose of foreign nationals attending to business matters or employment. Workplace laws in Argentina ensure that all employees are provided with basic rights and protection in the workplace. As legislative requirements, processing times and documentary evidence change frequently, we encourage you to contact us the most up-to-date information.

In order to apply for the different types of visas in Argentina, the local company will need to present their Registration at the RENURE.

The RENURE is the National Registry where local companies must be enrolled in order to employ non Mercosur foreign staff and apply for the different types of visas.

Personal documentation that may be requested in order to process the above mentioned visas:

  1. Police Records from the countries the assignee has lived for the past 3 years. They must be legalized with the Apostille of The Hague Convention. If the home county is not part of the convention, the document must be legalized by the home country foreign affairs ministry and by the Argentine consulate. (documents issued in Brazil do not need to be legalized in the Argentine consulate) If an employee is accompanied by dependents, the required documenttion consists of the criminal records (for applicants over 16 years old) and the legalized family-ties certification.
  2. Argentina Police Records
  3. Marriage / Birth certificates
  4. Domicile Certificates in Argentina

Note: Translation of required documents. All the documents that are not written in Spanish (except those issued in Brazil) must be translated by an Argentine sworn translator and legalized by the Argentine Sworn Translators Association

Local Documentation needed after Visa is Granted:

  1. National Identity Card (DNI). All assignees with a temporary visa for one year or more must apply for a DNI card. The first application for the DNI is be made simultaneously with the application for temporary or permanent visa at the Immigration Office. Subsequent applications need to be scheduled in advance at the RENAPER (National Peoples Registry)
  2. CUIL (Social security / labor code). All foreigner nationals employed in Argentina are required to have a CUIL number in order to be added to the local payroll. The CUIL is an individual tax identification number used by employers to withhold income taxes.

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