Our professional services ensure a smooth immigration process and a successful arrival. We are able to guarantee our clients optimal deadlines by utilizing clear and concise case management strategies.

Executive Relocations is your complete solution for visa and immigration issues. A professional service will ensure a smooth relocation and a successful project. Our in-depth knowledge of the French environment and sound navigation of French establishments’ logistics has proved us an excellent choice for relocation within France.

We guarantee an optimal and efficient service in order to find the most cost-effective and fastest solution for our clients.

The flexible and customized service includes:

  • Advice on the best process steps for the transfer of your employee and his/her family
  • Sending a detailed outline of the procedure in the host country
  • Collection of necessary documents and the drafting and preparation of correspondence accompanying the files
  • Creation of file and submitting it at relevant authorities
  • Application for visa, work permit, temporary residence permit and residence permit
  • Regular reporting and tracking of the progress of different files
  • Local accompaniment of employees and their family if registration is required at local administrations and ministries
  • Personalized monitoring of deadlines for various documents and reminders 3 months before expiration
  • Renewal of work visas and temporary residence visas during the stay

Integration into a new environment is aided by smooth visa and immigration procedures. There are many advantages to having assistance when in a foreign country and dealing with foreign authorities.

A few of the advantages Executive Relocations can offer are:

  • Advocacy with French authorities
  • Effective time management and cost-effective translations
  • Consulting services on which visa is appropriate, based on individual profile
  • On-site, face to face support at the various French administrative offices
  • Pre-completion of government paperwork
  • Drafting of an introduction letter
  • Privileged contacts due to day to day follow-through
  • Global expertise in local procedures
  • International coverage through a network of expert partners
  • Communication facilitated by our team of multilingual specialists
  • Clarity and precision of information

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