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RELOKO offers a complete visa service in Korea and our consultants provide complete satisfaction to our clients by following the right procedure and making it easy for them to complete their visa process with accuracy and precision.

To legally work in Korea, obtaining corresponding type of employment visa is required and an employment visa is filed by the sponsoring employer. Depending on type of sponsoring company, an eligible visa can be determined.

Our visa consultants provide practical and effective advices to our clients and we work closely with our clients to provide excellent service reflecting your needs.

All foreign employees who work more than 90 days in Korea are required to have a long term work visa and Alien Registration Card (ARC). There are number of long term work visa types in Korea and five work visa types are handled primarily by RELOKO.

Please contact Reloko for additional information.

Please contact Reloko for additional information.

Please contact Reloko for additional information.

Please contact Reloko for additional information.

Sending Employees Transferred to Korea on Assignment

When home companies dispatch their employees to their entities in Korea for a certain period of time, an eligible visa type can be considered either Intra-Company Transferee Visa (D-7) or Foreign Invested Company Visa (D-8). This can be determined by a sponsoring company type and in order to distinguish a company type, a proper document is required.

If an entity in Korea is registered as a branch office or liaison office, they should have a document called “Permission for the Establishment of the Branch Office or Liaison Office”. In this case, an eligible work visa type in Korea is Intra-Company Transferee Visa (D-7).

If an entity in Korea is a foreign invested company, a company must have a document called “Certificate of Foreign Investment”. Having this document by sponsoring company, Foreign Invested Company Visa (D-8) is appropriate visa type as a work visa in Korea.

By considering these two documents, a company type can be confirmed and a suitable work visa type can be confirmed.

Trade Management Visa (D-9) is for foreign employees who is dispatched to Korean companies from ordering companies or a professional service providing company designated by ordering for supervision of ship building, industrial facilities or machinery installment/maintenance/management. All documents proving the relationship between ordering company and/or service provider and sponsoring company in Korea must be provided.

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