Immigration – Maritime Vessels

With a focus on the market of great potential in the area of maritime vessels, EMDOC trained part of its team and internal legal body to provide effective assistance to the customers within this market.

EMDOC has professional experts and a consolidated structure to assist companies in the oil and gas industry in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, Macaé, Vitória, and Santos.

In São Paulo, EMDOC is the only company in the Brazilian market to have an exclusive department dedicated to serving tour vessels, capable of meeting great workload demands in short periods of time. With this structure, EMDOC seeks to advice the companies that own these vessels in a professional and customized fashion.

Main Services:
  • Obtain work visa from the Ministry of Labor
  • Assist in the process of visa approval in different Brazilian consulates abroad
  • Assist in the compulsory registration conducted by the Federal Police

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