About Executive Relocations Africa

Executive Relocations in Africa (“ERA”) is a Mobility Management specialist in Africa with offices (bricks & mortar) and operations in most African countries. Our dynamic development is a result of continued investment in our people, assets and technology, enabling us to provide services of international standards.

ERA was established in 2009 to focus on the African continent, building up knowledge and resources to offer world standard relocation & immigration services in Africa.

All relocations to and within Africa are controlled by a central coordination hub for effective management, uniformity of services and improved compliance management. ERA Head Quarters and Operational Hub is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

ERA’s Senior Management team have all previously been expats themselves, both in African and Internationally, and the team have in-depth knowledge of both international compliance regulation and best practices, as well as local legislation and regulation.

ERA utilises a single point of contact service delivery model to support the administration of the our client’s needs. This model enables us to develop an intimate knowledge of the client’s policies and practices as well as organisational structure and culture. This model ensures a flawless contract implementation as per your policy and will be responsible for identifying any needs and assisting with information it might need for any RFI’s and RFP’s.  We achieves the tasks on behalf of its clients in a professional manner and in accordance with specified requirements. We are committed to the principle of strict confidentiality, ensuring that confidential information will in no way be used for purposes other than achieving the mission in accordance with received instructions.

ERA in Africa make every effort to achieve the tasks on behalf of its clients in a professional manner and in accordance with specified requirements. We agree to return the documents to employees in good condition and is committed to the strict confidentiality of information provided. This information will in no way used for purposes other than achieving the mission in accordance with received instructions.


All files are managed from ERA’s HQ, and the team work closely together with local branch staff in each African destination country, ensuring seamless management of each file from start to finish whilst ensuring we adhere to key KPI’s, SLA’s and expectations no matter which country the assignee is sent to. All immigration files are managed by qualified immigration specialists ensuring proper analysis and case management on every individual file.

ERA manages each process step and requirement, minimising the client’s involvement and ensuring that each immigration package is individually tailored so as to incorporate the policy requirements of the corporate client, the specific needs of the immigrating individual affected and the over-arching national, regional and international policies and laws applicable to any immigration process. In this way, ERA achieves the most appropriate and efficient solution as well as the most desirable outcome for all involved.

ERA in Africa is bound by a strict confidentiality and ensure adequately enforce this principle by its employees and any subcontractors.


Advantages working with ERA

  • Emphasis on strong case management and client service;
  • Assessing client’s and/or corporate’s needs and requirements;
  • Providing appropriate and practical immigration solutions;
  • Management of entire immigration process;
  • Managing expectations;
  • Keeping abreast of changes in policy, law and general practice;
  • Providing regular status reports on matters and placing the necessary pressure on the immigration authorities;
  • Creating good relationships with HR Departments;
  • Ensuring communication policies are adhered to;
  • In-country assistance;
  • Providing on-going, personalised support to all stakeholders involved;
  • Assessments and applications handled by experienced visa and immigration specialists;
  • Offers a unified, global immigration solution;
  • Strong case management system;
  • Effective and efficient communication policy;
  • Integrates with the relocation process;
  • Reduces risk of unnecessary expenditure; and
  • Ensures compliance with local immigration laws.

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