Standard Immigration Services


  1. Provide a briefing note to the assignee indicating the visa/work permit requirements, expected timing, application forms, instructions on where to send documentation once completed and role of service provider through this process.
  2. Conduct a telephone briefing to review briefing documentation and items to action.
  3. Identify any potential issue that may delay or prevent the assignee and family from obtaining a visa/work permit.
  4. Assist the assignee to complete the application forms.
  5. Coordinate the legalizing of documentation including birth certificates, marriage certificates, qualifications, etc.
  6. Coordinate any translation of documentation required to support applications.
  7. Review the completed application forms and supporting documentation to ensure all areas have been complied with.
  8. Liaise with the client on status/progress on a weekly basis and provide standard status reports.
  9. Collect and distribute all documentation required for the application to the client.
  10. Manage the lodgement of applications and tracking status with immigration authorities or other support services groups (where required for specific countries).
  11. Assist assignees with registration with required base/host agencies and authorities.

On Assignment

  1. Track existing visa/work permit expiration dates.
  2. Conduct regular reporting to ensure the client has advance notice on the visa’s/work permits due to expire.
  3. Manage the renewal process which includes supporting the application process, checking of documentation, liaising with the client, coordinate any legalizing/translation of documentation.
  4. Manage the lodgement of the application to renew to the immigration authorities (where required for specific countries).
  5. Provide related ongoing services arising from change of personal status, documents, employment details, etc.
  6. Cancel employment and other related passes on completion of assignment.
  7. Collect and distribute all documentation required for the renewal application or cancellation to the client.

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