The Business Visa is delivered by the Peruvian Consulate of the foreigner’s home country. It is usually granted for 90 days (continuous or various consecutive visits) and allows foreigners to take part in business or legal activities or specialized technical assistance. Foreigners should apply for a Business Visa in order to sign business contracts or agreements in Peru.


Foreigners from certain countries may be wholly or partially exempted from the business visa requirements. Our team will be pleased to offer immigration advice.

SPECIAL PERMIT to sign contracts

In case a foreigner entered Peru with a Tourist visa instead of a Business visa and needs to make a business transaction, we can request a Special Permit. You can contact our team to have more information about the Special Permit requirements.

Foreigners who entered Peru with a tourist visa should request a Special Permit to sign their work contract before applying for a change of status and get their Resident Worker Visa.

The Special Permit can be requested online, we can also help with this procedure.


Our attorneys are professionals with a deep understanding of the Immigration processes and the employment laws in Peru. We carry out a complete review of the assignee’s documents including the work contract, addendum and pay slips to ensure that both the assignee and the company are complying with the immigration laws in force in Peru.

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