In Peru, it is usually easier and cheaper to rent temporary accommodation directly to a landlord. There is a large offer of short-term apartments available in Miraflores. Usually short-term properties are fully furnished, including bed linen, kitchen utensils and a laundry, cable TV and internet and some of them cleaning service.

In Lima, most of short-terms accommodations are located in the district of Miraflores and Barranco. It is without a doubt the most popular place for tourists and foreign expats. It is one of the most affluent districts. Along Miraflores “malecon” (coastal strip/street) you find a small oasis with many pleasant parks joining each other to a green stripe following the coastal line. The view over the Pacific Ocean is stunning.

Some hotels offer Suites with services but they are usually more expensive.


There are two official currencies in Peru, the United State Dollar (US$) and the Peruvian Soles (S/). Rents are usually in US Dollars, they are paid in advance at the beginning of the month.

Landlords generally ask for 2 months as a security deposit; In case of a temporary accommodation we can usually negotiate the guarantee.

We recommend you to look for a place close to your workplace or close to your children school as Lima is a mega-city with a dense traffic. The main residential areas in Lima are: San Isidro, Miraflores, Surco, San Borja, La Molina and Barranco. Most of the expats prefer to live in Miraflores (Lima touristic district, next to the ocean) and San Isidro (upscale business district) which are 2 districts with a large offer of 2 and 3 bedrooms apartments. Families looking to rent a house should consider other districts as Surco, San Borja or La Molina.

Maintenance fees are usually not part of the rental price. Maintenance fees include ordinary expenses of the common areas, equipment facilities and the building employee salaries (employee salaries, labor charges, water and energy consumption, sewage, gas for use in common areas, cleaning, conservation and painting of the common use areas, maintenance and conservation of the hydraulic, electrical, mechanical and safety equipment facilities for common use, maintenance and conservation of the elevators, electronic gate and collective antennas). The amount informed at the time that the contract is signed is the amounts then-current, it may be readjusted at any time after the contract is signed.

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