VISA APPLICATION (consular notification)

We can request a visa while the applicant is out of the country. In this case the procedure is called Visa application with consular notification. The applicant will collect the visa at the Peruvian consulate of his or her home country. Please note that some consulates will request the assignee to book an appointment and come with additional documents (criminal records, photos, etc.) so it is recommended to contact the corresponding consulate as soon as possible.


We can also request a visa while the applicant is in Peru, in this case the procedure is called Change of Status. The applicant should request a Travel Permit in case he or she needs to travel out of the country during the process. The applicant won’t be allowed to leave the country for more than 30 consecutive days.


The Immigration office processing time for a Visa Application with consular notification is 30 business days while the processing time for a Change of status in Peru is 60 business days.

On the best-case scenario, the delay can be much shorter but it can also be extended in case of any contingency from the Peruvian Immigration office.

Note that you should also consider the delay to apostille documents issued abroad and to get the appointment at the Immigration office and at the Consulate if applicable.

It is very important to apply before the visa expiration date which is indicated on the Resident card or Visa stamp.

Foreign residents may lose their residency if they are out of the country for more than 183 days per year (within a 12-month period) or if they leave the country with an expired visa.

This information is subject to changes. Please contact us for updated information.

This procedure should be performed if the foreign resident obtains a new passport. The Immigration office should transfer the Visa stamp to the new passport. This procedure is compulsory for foreign residents and has to be performed within 30 days. The Immigration office usually check this information when the assignee applies for a visa renewal or when entering/exiting the country. In case the foreign resident hasn’t perform this procedure on time, he or she may have to pay a penalty.

Foreign residents that leave definitively the country should request their Visa cancellation and obtain the Exit Document.

Foreign residents should inform the Immigration office and keep their information updated in order to avoid penalties in case they changed their address, civil status or passport for instance.

In case of a loss or robbery, our company can help you to request urgently a duplicate of your resident card.

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