There is a lot of competition for positions in international schools. Most international schools and grades have waiting lists and applications should therefore be sent in as soon as possible. Schools usually interview the family, each school has its own requirements and it is better to apply early and in several schools.

Markham College, Newton College, San Silvestre and Cambridge College are British schools. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the American School.

There is also bilingual schools and Catholic schools with a very good level. Each school has its own requirements and they usually interview the family.


The Peruvian academic year begins in March and ends in mid-December, with two weeks off in July (National holiday) and usually two more weeks off around the year (one in May and the other in October).

The exceptions are International Schools like FDR School and International Christian School which follow the North American schedule, starting in August and ending in June, with winter and summer vacations.

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